About Me

Dog training award

For most of my life I’ve been caring and communicating with animals, especially dogs. 


Over the years I've  honed my ability to tune in to animals and understand what they are thinking. Yes, I actually talk, listen and ask animals questions, and gets answers. I rely on my ability to build trusting connections with my client animals, receiving images, hearing words, getting a knowing sense and even feeling sensations a dog might be experiencing like nausea, stiffness or even pain in a specific area.

Also host of the popular Talking with the dogs!™ podcast, I'm passionate about dogs, going on adventures with them, and find  joy helping dog people better understand their pets. With a Masters in Education from Teachers College at Columbia University, and continuing studies in Animal Communication,  I'm grateful my lifelong experiences as an educator and dog lover enable me 

to support others throughout the country on how to  talk and understand their dog, or other animals in their life.  

I now teach  Animal Communication, am a popular guest in elementary school classrooms, 

at special events and am available for speaking engagements

So how did this start?  At age 5 a kindergarten classmate brought a standard grey poodle to show and tell. I instinctively knew what the dog was thinking and went home pleading for a dog. It wasn't till we moved and I was 7 that I walked home from a neighbor's house falling in love with my first puppy snuggled under my chin,  becoming forever bonded with dogs.  At age 9, dog training came naturally to me.  My pup and I won the blue ribbon in dog obedience, competing against mostly adults at the county fair.  Animal Communication came easily as my dog and I seemed to instinctively understand and trust each other.

Years later, I adopted a black Labrador puppy from the Humane Society. I resumed dog training, we excelled as a team, and because of my previous traumatic injuries from a car accident I was inspired  to help others by becoming a certified Pet Partners Animal Assisted Therapy Team with Sam. For years we worked in a traumatic injury rehab center, and regularly visited the Children’s Hospital in San Antonio, TX. It was working there with Sam that I became more aware of being a dog whisperer. 

After a long and happy life my beloved pet partner Sam passed  away. I then fostered a dog named Teddy, adopted him, and due to a full house of dogs, started working as an animal and home evaluator for a rescue group in Northern California.  Working with hundreds of dogs and families,  I further developed my skills at intuitively understanding a variety of types of dogs and their situations.

 It brings me great joy to help people understand what their dog is thinking, and wants them to know, 

in order to maintain happy, healthy relationships, 

in and out of the doghouse!