Lana Nelson, Intuitive Foodie on Dog Feeding


Lana Nelson, Intuitive Nutritionist and Wellness Educator joins Liz Murdoch and discusses her book The Food Codes and how her teaching also applies to healthy dogs! In addition, we chat with Berkeley, special dog in Lana's life, and discover that a dog can even pick up on what its people are talking about, and have opinions about what we humans are doing!

Learn how to feed your dog healthy food, how to do muscle testing for dogs and people, and how food needs vary by season, stress factors, and how we and the dogs age.

We also discuss how food can help heal a dog and you'll be inspired to take better care of both you and the dog in your life. 

Listen and learn, be inspired to use The Food Codes to get healthy with the dogs in your life!

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Interested in finding out what your dog is thinking and wants you to know?