Can We Talk? Melissa Rivers dogs tell all !

Melissa lets her dogs say a few words!

Liz Murdoch and guest Melissa Rivers and her three dogs discuss and share a wide range of favorite things from discovering new scents to the joy of a handheld treat, plus quite a few surprises, even to Melissa!

Also hear what Arnie, Lola and Iris want Melissa to know,  even if it means changing her own schedule to accommodate their special requests. Iris even has a message for Melissa that she wouldn’t give up on sharing until Animal Communicator Liz delivered the message to Melissa in its entirety! 

Not to be left out, Lola shows the love for Melissa as she offers reassurance she’s fine as Melissa gets back to work expanding the launch of her own podcast, Melissa Rivers Group Text, available wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. 

Listen and enjoy, you might learn a few things about understanding your own dog, or at a minimum you’ll hear why people like Melissa Rivers are believing that talking, and understanding what dogs have to say is real!

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Melissa Rivers and Arnie enjoy dog talk at home

Melissa Rivers and Arnie enjoying dog talk at home!