Third Grader Trains Her Dog!

Hazel the terrier rescue dog chats with Liz Murdoch, Intuitive Animal Communicator/Dog Whisperer.

Third Grader Daphne and her special rescue terrier Hazel join host Liz Murdoch to talk about mastering dog training, walks, crates and potty training a dog. 

Liz shares the messages she intuitively receives from Hazel, including the excited feelings Hazel experiences on her daily adventures. Liz gets a sense of Hazel’s excitement for exploring the world on her many walks each day and how she gets so excited about seeing everything she often forgets to go to the bathroom outside, leading to unwanted accidents in the house. 

Daphne and Liz discuss solutions with Hazel and come up with some plans that will hopefully work for everyone in Daphne's family.!

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